Where have I been lately, you ask?

Whew! The last year sure went by fast and boy have I been busy. I’m sorry I haven’t been active on here, but I have been active on my Instagram (you should totally follow me there).

My last blog post was made March 29, 2021 for international women’s day (you can read that here: Here’s to smashing gender stereotypes). Wait, that was more than a year ago. I guess I owe y’all an explanation. So here goes:

  • First, I got a scholarship to study for my PHD in Industrial Economics. The program is online for now so I get to do other things while I study.
  • Then, I got a new assignment at Mercy Corps on a program called LEEP – Liberia Employment and entrepreneurship Program. I worked with 17 Liberian SMEs who received grants from Mercy Corps under this program to develop and implement their growth plans.
  • Next, I found out I was expecting my second baby in April 2021. It came as a total shock because I had just weaned Tarlee and begun exercising to get back in shape. I mean I was aiming for the total opposite of that. But while pregnancy is stressful it was a beautiful journey that ended with a beautiful baby.
  • Then, my business was selected for a grant competition which required an intensive 6 months growth training. During this time we had to travel to bong and Nimba for two in person workshops and networking with other entrepreneur. I actually ended up winning a grant along with 4 other amazing enterprises.
  • Finally, I left my job at Mercy Corps and started a a new job earlier this month as Orange Fab Supervisor at the Orange digital center. It’s quite similar to my work at Mercy Corps At Orange Fab, we find promising startups, provide coaching and mentorship for them and connect them with potential funders. We also organize a range of free workshops, seminars and talks to stimulate learning and collaboration in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. 

This journey was packed with so much excitement, stress, bliss and fatigue, up and down and sometimes all at once. I guess in the midst of it all, I kind of lost my will to write. You see, sometimes we take on so much that we start to burnout without even realizing it. So, before starting at Orange, I took a week off from all my activities just to spend time with myself reflecting, detoxing, and getting my self ready for a season of my life. This little introspection made me remember who I was and the value I was created to bring to you. I am a teacher, an explorer, a writer and a professional learner. I believe my one job is to learn everything I possibly can and summarize them into little blog posts, videos and email messages just for you.

I’ve returned to blogging with a renewed passion for writing and teaching but I still have one request to you. Will you go on this journey with me? I ask because I honestly do not know where this new chapter of my life will lead but one thing I am sure of is that I want you to come with me lets grow, explore and learn together. Leave me a comment below if you will be joining me and connect with me on Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook, my links are below.

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Hello and welcome to my site. My name is Christollie Ade Suah and I am a full time Mom, working a full time job and running a small business full time. With so much to do and so little time to do them, I constantly find myself struggling to balance different aspects of my life. So I created this blog as a resource center where health conscious professionals like me can find information and tools to help them balance competing priorities and achieve their goals. This blog covers topics around health and wellness, business, career and parenthood. My goal is to inspire you into taking actions daily that'll improve your life. If you would like to join a network of health conscious people and get notified of new content and products, click the subscribe button below. Thank you for visiting and look forward to growing with you.

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