Wanna learn how to boss up and change your life?

The older I get the more I don’t worry about what people will say or think about my choices. As long as what I do makes me happy and fulfilled and doesn’t hurt or make anyone worse off, I am good. I found that this attitude is what they call “BASDASS” so I thought why not do a fun carousel blog post on the topic? So let’s get into it.

One thing about strong women is that they are not afraid of taking credit for work they do! I know all to well about doing work and having men or other strong women take all the credit. It sucks! So overtime, I have had to learn how to artfully take credit for work that I do. I’ve had to learn how to be comfortable in the spotlight and not be afraid of sharing my brilliance with the world. I know my worth and I think it’s time everyone notice it too, don’t you agree?

Obstacles are part of everyday living. If it’s not something at work or business, it’ll be something at home with your family or friends. To be a truly badass, you have to learn how to solve challenges. You have to learn to separate your emotions and feelings when making difficult decisions and do the right thing for all parties involved. If you don’t take this approach to obstacles and challenges, decisions will be made for you and suddenly you will no longer be in charge of you life.

One thing I’ve learned in my 31 years of existence is that: you only get what you bargain for. If you want something, you have to ask for it and be willing to keep asking until you get it. Asking in this context means going after your goals and dreams through work, investments, relationships, business etc. It means asking for help or support when you need it.

Badass women always have a big dream and goal they are working towards. They have imagined a future full of possibilities and they are on their way to getting everything they want.

Badass women recognize that this is a man’s world and therefore they are not afraid to lend a helping hand to other women. As they break down barriers they turn around and extend a hand to the sister behind them. They know that its a sign of strength to help a sister succeed.

This carousel was created for the Sister who wants to do big things. Big things are not restricted to media and fame. As long as you aspire to do things outside of the normal status quo, I consider it big things. As you start to challenge the status quo, you will ruffle feathers, you will step on toes and stir pots and they will retaliate. Be ready to push beyond verbal abuse, female categorizations, and other limiting circumstances. Build inner character and strength because these are the things that will help you push through.

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