Liberia: Open for Business – Three Paths to Investing in Liberia

Want to know which path to follow when deciding to invest in Liberia? Distinguish your investment by taking one of three unique investment paths: A Standard Business, Government Sponsored Special Investment Incentive, and Government Sponsored Concession or Private Public Partnership.

Wondering why your business is not growing? Perhaps you are doing one of these five things…

If you are doing any of these five things, its probably why you’re not experiencing the type of growth you would like to see. Perhaps it’s time to structure or restructure your business strategies, policies and practices in a way that increases your competitive and comparative advantages. Say no to standing on the sidelines and get your business on board the growth train today. 

Become an Entrepreneur – Invest in Liberia’s emerging sectors

Entrepreneurship is a trending topic in Liberia nowadays. From hearing people refer to themselves as entrepreneurs to actually being introduced to innovative products; the trend is going viral. Every day, we get introduced to an entrepreneur with an innovative idea hoping that he can contribute to change in the Liberian business environment. We also seeContinue reading “Become an Entrepreneur – Invest in Liberia’s emerging sectors”