Welcome to The Entrepreneur’s Guide Magazine

The Entrepreneur’s Guide is an online Entrepreneurship and Career Development magazine that  is contributing to the development of the next generation of Liberian Entrepreneurs through articles and seminars that tackles development challenges.


We aspire to provide reliable and accurate information about Liberia’s business climate and opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and potential investors to ensure that they make informed business decisions.


  • To create a responsive platform that provides reliable and accurate information to the next generation of Liberian entrepreneurs.
  • To bridge the gap of access to accurate business information and quality career development services currently  required by Liberian entrepreneurs, small and micro business owners, as well as college students to help them develop sound strategies to grow and succeed.
  • To provide potential investors, aspiring entrepreneurs and business researchers access to accurate information on the Liberian business environment.

What to expect

We create and upload new content on a bi-weekly basis. If you subscribe to this blog, you will receive email notification when new content is uploaded. You will also have access to our monthly newsletters and annual print version of the top contents.

I hope that the information here will provide some insight on what it’s like to do business in Liberia and help you make informed business decisions. We look forward to interacting and building a good relationship with you.

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