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My name is Christollie Ade Suah and I am a Mom, Life Coach and PhD student.

On this blog, I my education in Enterprise Development plus my passion and training in nutrition and healthy living to write articles about wellness, business and personal development. I also provide individual and group coaching support for ambitious professionals who need help balancing competing priorities as they work to accomplish big goals.

I hope my articles inspire you to take actions that will change your life.

7 ways to be more disciplined in your life

Life is going to put you in challenging situations and although you don’t have any control over the things happening around you, you have control over your emotions and actions. Remember that discipline is control. Waking up every day and choosing to live your life in a way that reflects your vision, goals and values…

Strategy: what it is and how to create one right now!

In my previous article, I shared 6 super effective strategies to crush any goal you set. But some people may be wondering “what exactly is a strategy and can I create one for my life?” My answer is yes! Strategy is not just something we do for our business or when we play games. It…

6 super effective ways to totally crush your goals.

Everyone has goals that they want to achieve. Whether it’s earning more money, losing weight, or starting a business, setting goals is important. he difference between those who set goals and crush them and those who just set goals is vision, strategy and planning. Without these 3 things, goals become fancy daydreams sitting in a…

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