Hi there! My name is Ade Suah and I am a Mom, Entrepreneur, Certified Life Coach, Business development Consultant, and Self-taught Yogi.

In 2018, I created this site as a part of my role at the National Investment Commission to contribute to the development of a vibrant domestic private sector. Back then, I worked as Enterprise Development Officer, in the Private Sector Development Department at the NIC. My goal was to create a responsive platform where both aspiring and established entrepreneurs of Liberia as well as foreign investors can access reliable and accurate information on investment and business opportunities available in Liberia.

A lot has changed in my life since then and so has the concept of this blog. I’ve changed jobs 3 times, gotten married, had 2 babies, started 2 businesses, won a business grant pitching competition, and got awarded a scholarship to study for my PHD in Industrial Economics. As my life evolved so did my passion and interests. Now I work as a Business Coach managing the Orange Fab Corporate Accelerator program and this site has become the place where I share my experience and expertise with the world. My content covers health, wellness, motherhood and doing business. I aspire to respond to the tremendous need for business and career development support in Liberia by creating educational and self help content to empower my readers to take actions.

On this site, you will find short and long articles, links and videos that contain useful information about health, wellness and motherhood, entrepreneurship and career development advice as well as Liberia’s investment and business climate opportunities. This site will also give you some insight about the unique cultures and lifestyle of Liberians and what to expect generally if you decide to invest and do business in Liberia.

Developing this platform is a part of my over all goal to build a career in Entrepreneurship development, Branding and Strategic management consulting for Small and Medium sized businesses. I aspire to contribute to the development of the next generation of Liberian Entrepreneurs by helping them develop sound strategies and plans that’ll lead to profitable career ventures and overall business growth.

I personally envision a world where domestic businesses, especially Liberian owned businesses, can step up and play active roles in the development of a vibrant and diverse economy by taking advantage of investment opportunities available in Liberia.

Follow my journey and let’s see where this takes us.

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