Lunchbox Menu

Menu for December

Standard Lunchboxes

Grilled Chicken Salad
Grilled chicken breast on a bed on lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and avocados with Teriyaki dressing

Mediterranean Couscous Box
Mediterranean styled couscous served with smoked bbq wings and Cole slaw

Mushroom Pasta Box
Pasta tossed in creamy mushroom and carrots sauce and served with grilled chicken skewers and fried plantain

Sweet potato Box
Mashed sweet potatoes served with with grilled chicken skewers and sauteed veggies and hot pepper sauce

Grilled Fish Box
Seasonal grilled fish, served with bulgar wheat stir-fry, avocado salad and hot chilli sauce

Stir-fry Spaghetti Box
Spaghetti stir fried with seasonal vegetables served with smoked bbq ribs and Cole slaw

Peppered Gizzard Box
Pepper gizzard served with fried plantain and coleslaw

Liberian Dishes

Traditional Soups
served with white rice, $5.00
red country rice, bulgar wheat or Couscous $6.00

Nimba GB
Pounded cassava served with traditional herbs soup and mixed meat

Fried Rice
with smoked wings or ribs

Lunchbox Dry Rice
with fried fish, plantain, sausage, hard boiled egg, traditional condiments and red oil

Jollof Rice
with smoked wings or ribs

Small Chops

Peanut butter cookies
A pack of 10 cookies $4

Salad Cups
Mini salads made from seasonal vegetables served with our signature dressing

Spice Cake
Super moist apple cinnamon spice cake with cream cheese frosting
Whole cake $30.00 6 muffins $15.00

Why choose us?

Our service is easy and convenient for the busy professional who doesn’t have the time to meal prep or eat out. With our weekly and monthly subscription plan, clients never have to worry about missing a meal.

All you have to do is select the days you would like your meals delivered and the meals you would like to have. We take care of the rest. By subscribing to our network, you gain access to well researched and easy to understand healthy living content as well as easy to follow recipes. We don’t just sell you food, we also teach you how to make healthier choices in your life.

About Us

The Lunchbox is a catering and meals delivery company located in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa. We are fond of meal planning and prepping and we care about healthy eating, innovation, being authentic, and service

We cater for small and large events as well as package and deliver fresh meals daily to our customers. Our specialty is delicious cuisine created with fresh ingredients and inspired by fantastic Liberian and Continental flavors. We take great pride in improving upon your favorite Liberian dishes in new and creative ways.

Why You’ll Love Us

There has never been a better time to eat healthy than now. Our meals are designed to help you meet your daily recommended nutrients need. Investing in healthy meals means investing in your life. Try our service, its convenient and reliable.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Excellent Service”

Their service is brilliant! Great food, great price, timely delivery. Just brilliant. I really hope everyone will start using your service.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Love the flexibility”

I love that when I sign up to the meal plan I don’t have to worry about lunch during the day. I can focus on my daily tasks and allow Lunchbox take care of the rest.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“Fantastic quality”

I really appreciate the quality and presentation. The veggies are always fresh and the flavor is outstanding.


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