Life is a Balance

between what we can control and what we cannot

You are one decision away from the life you desire

Our coaching takes into consideration every part of your life and help you discover your limiting factors, set realistic goals, establish an action plan to move you closer to achieving your goals, help you track your progress, and hold you accountable as you make the necessary changes you need for growth.

Explore our offers

Individual Coaching

If you would like personalized support to achieve specific results then this option is for you.

This package includes weekly 1 on 1 coaching sessions, a customized coaching plan and the option of monthly, quarterly or annual payment plans.

Price starts at $50.00/month

Group Coaching

Our group coaching brings together health conscious professionals working towards achieving specific goals.

This package includes , weekly check-in group call, access to a private WhatsApp group chat, and one virtual working session.

These sessions can only accommodate a limited number of people so you need to book early.

Price starts at $10.00/Month

Virtual Workshops

Learn important life skills from the comfort of your home. Our virtual workshops cover different balanced living topics and is designed to arm you with the knowledge and tools you need to accomplish specific gaols.

Price starts at $25/session

Find your balance; and change your life.

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