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The Entrepreneur’s Guide is an online Entrepreneurship and Career Development magazine that  is contributing to the development of the next generation of Liberian Entrepreneurs through articles and seminars that tackles development challenges. Be the first to receive updates and new offers about magazine release and seminars.


We aspire to provide reliable and accurate information about Liberia’s business climate and opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and potential investors to ensure that they make informed business decisions.


  • To create a responsive platform that provides reliable and accurate information to the next generation of Liberian entrepreneurs.
  • To bridge the gap of access to accurate business information and quality career development services currently  required by Liberian entrepreneurs, small and micro business owners, as well as college students to help them develop sound strategies to grow and succeed.

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“Life is too short to be working on someone else’s dream”

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Wondering why your business is not growing? Perhaps you are doing one of these five things…

If you are doing any of these five things, its probably why you’re not experiencing the type of growth you would like to see. Perhaps it’s time to structure or restructure your business strategies, policies and practices in a way that increases your competitive and comparative advantages. Say no to standing on the sidelines and get your business on board the growth train today. 

Seven ways to cultivate the Entrepreneurial mindset

Just like all great leaders, Entrepreneurs have specific traits that set them apart from regular people. They are resourceful, fearless, and take action when necessary to advance their goals. Entrepreneurs are resilient. They focus on the bigger picture and do not let mistakes stop them from accomplishing their goals.

 The good news is, these are all traits that can be learned and cultivated. Read this article to find out how:

10 things you could learn from Mahmud Johnson, the “Palm Kernel Man”

Mahmud Johnson says: “Pursue excellence in everything. Understand your work so that you are comfortable and people don’t deceive you easily. Network , and I don’t mean the kind where you give out business cards. I mean build good relationships, do good work, be open minded and constantly stay in touch with the people you meet. Constantly share updates on social media about the work you are doing. The important contacts you need won’t be the ones who like or comment on your posts, but trust me they’ll see it and remember you”.

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The Liberian Girl (TLG) Blog is all about finding the balance you need to live the life you want. Our articles and coaching sessions are designed to inspire and empower our clients to live their best lives now.

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