How to deal with fear?

Fear has always been at war with me. There was never a time that I didn’t feel her lurking in the corners of my soul.

She had a habit of showing up right before I made decisions just to ask me “are you sure!?” I mean, just the right words to make me doubt myself.

She’d asked me “who authorized you?” “Did they say they needed you?” “Don’t you think they’ve said everything already?”

You see, fear taught me that I wasn’t good enough, that my voice didn’t matter and that I needed people to like me. Fear told me not to try, not to explore, not to be. Fear told me I’m too young, too smart, and too beautiful to try. Fear said do enough to be here but don’t try to stand out.

But when I encountered love, it was nothing like I had ever known. See, Love is not just a choice, it’s a spirit. Love said, why are you living like a slave when you were called to be? Love said, don’t you know you have power to conquer. She said child, I have not given you the spirit of fear, but of power, of love and of a sound mind. Love said indeed true love conquers fear.

“Fears are nothing more than a state of mind.

-Napoleon Hill

We all know it’s no easy deal to break the chains of fear, but wisdom told me that it was possible. Wisdom said you have everything you need to fight. Wisdom said do not look at what you don’t have. Instead focus on what you do have. You have the spirit of Love. It dwells in you. She said, strength comes from within. Focus on the person that lives on the inside of you. He alone can guide you. It is from him that everything that is came to be. He brought you forth for a purpose.

All my life, I’ve been at war with fear and the the battles were draining me. But from Experience, I’ve learnt not to fight fear.

She said “don’t go to war with fear,  it’s like adding fuel to fire and you won’t win”. Instead, equip yourself with love and wisdom trusting in the holy one who called you.

Fear by herself is weak! She thrives on your insecurities.

Image result for fear never goes away, you just learn to act in spite of it

She knows just the right thing to say to make you second guess yourself. She’s always there, just waiting for the right moment to strike. Her plans are never good plans. She only wants to steal from you, kill your dreams and destroy your relationships. Fear never goes away, you just have to learn to act in spite of it.

“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else”

-Erma Bombeck

And Experience has taught me just that — to act out of love and wisdom, daring to be whom I was created to be.

She said “do not let fear turn you away from your calling anymore, my dear”. The journey will not be easy but I have given you strength for your battles and light for your journey.  It was in my battle with fear, that I met these three great friends; Love, Wisdom, and Experience.

Wisdom and Experience will equip you for the journey but without love, you may never reach your final destination.

This final destination we do not know, but the instruction is very clear, “love”. Love and live in spite of fear knowing that there is a higher purpose to life.  Focus on sharing your dreams and accomplishing your goals. We are all capable and deserving of love. We are all capable and deserving of success. Don’t let fear tell you otherwise.



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